About Us

We are the leading provider of Australian qualifications and Innovative programs to countries through our network of global partners.


I’m Victoria Jennings Founder and CEO of IPS Institute. My beliefs are that everyone has the right to do what they love, and love what they do.

To achieve this is through continual learning so that one starts to understand their purpose in life and find the foundation of their true natural core genius. This genius zone is inside each of us. So whether you are a business owner, a team member, a consultant, or student we are valuable in our own unique way and have the ability to make great contributions.

I created IPS Institute to serve adults continually learning. We partner with organisations, business owners, and students to support their skills acquisition through real work applications and enhance their soft skills for a brighter and more productive future.

The majority of the trade training we provide with our industry partners is delivered on-site to minimise traveling time for learners, trainees, and apprentices and to transfer the learning into authentic outcomes that are based on “real work projects”. The learning we facilitate is transferred into the workplace in real-time gaining real experience.

The majority of the business training we provide is via online learning, mentoring, and coaching programs. Our entrepreneurial business programs assist owners to understand and value their true core genius and that of their team members enabling them to catapult their business profitability.

Our bi-line is “learning and earning” and this is because my personal life experience has directly related to that. As a shining example of a life-long learner, I have climbed from being an administrative assistant in the public service upon leaving grade 12, to completing a degree in adult education and teaching adults in TAFE. Then rising to senior positions in various government departments focusing on learning and development, to consulting and then starting my own Registered Training Organisation.

One thing has been the constant during my career progression – that is I’ve never stopped learning, whether formally or informally. Learning is a continuous endeavour and my net worth has increased in alignment with the increases in my knowledge and educational/business experience.

Life-long learning has also placed me as a thought leader in vocational education, having a best-selling book “Mastering the Art of Success” co-authored with Jack Canfield and I was honoured in winning a “Quilly Award” in Los Angeles for recognition of my business expertise.

My team and I walk the walk and talk the talk – always placing a huge emphasis on the value of on-the-job learning. This forms the basis of the culture of my business, which promotes the development of genius businesses, allowing people to focus on their natural talents and strengths. Recruiting the right people, leveraging the talent in the team, developing their talent to higher levels, which creates high performing teams and skyrockets productivity and profitability.


Vicki Marston

Vicki has over 10 years in the training industry and is driven by a desire to help people to become their best selves. This same desire has evolved through the years to mentoring and coaching trainers and support staff to be their very best. Her current role has given her the capacity and ability to take that discipline and her high ideals and apply it across the culture and structure of IPS Institute. In her spare time Vicki continues to study, but can also be found curled up with a good book or on a motorcycle.

Jemma Lawes

Jemma is the Operations Manager whereby she trains and mentors the admin team, manages contracts, and builds relationships with our clients and partners.  She has been responsible for implementing many of the systems and processes and is constantly looking at ways to improve our customer service.  Jemma can be found in the sun reading books on her kindle, nobody is quite sure what she is reading but it makes her smile a lot.  She also loves to spend quality time with her partner and son.

Derek Callaughan

Derek is our liaison person and enrolment officer and the person most new and potential students speak with. He assists students to develop effective student-centred training plans and attainable goals allowing them to be successful in their careers. With a strong focus on ethics, professional development and communication Derek has the natural ability to guide students from various backgrounds to achieve the very best outcomes and to make a difference in their lives. Derek is passionate about building relationships and partnerships that contribute to the success of our clients.


To provide Australian qualifications locally and globally to enhance the skill-base of workers whilst simultaneously improving organisational effectiveness through individual productivity and performance.



We believe that all people are an organisation’s greatest asset


We build trust internally and externally


We continuously improve existing programs and create new programs that exceeds our clients expectation’s


We positively change workplace behaviours to improve productivity and work satisfaction for all