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What is RPL?

You may have heard about RPL or recognition of prior learning, but didn’t really understand what it means. What it actually means is we take into account all of your work and life experiences that you’ve ever had. And we can actually map that to the qualification you...

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How Can Education Boost Your Income?

How can further education boost your career and income? Let me tell you about my personal experience, firstly my background. My career changed completely once I completed a Degree in Adult Vocational Teaching.  I became a teacher in TAFE and then my income went up...

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How to Get a Diploma Faster?

How can you get a diploma faster?  Many people understand about a Certificate III and a Certificate IV and the difference between the both ie how the Certificate III is entry level for a worker and Certificate III is the Supervisor level and the Diploma is Management...

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Why Tradies Should Be Certified

Shout out to the Tradies! Are you operating without a qualification? Did you know that obtaining a qualification is really important from a quality control perspective? When you are tendering for jobs, especially government or council jobs, if you have that...

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How Tradies Can Make More Money

Shout out to all the Tradies who may be looking to become a contractor and therefore run your own business. Your learning doesn't stop once you have completed your trade qualification.  You have the skills to be very valuable for someone else (ie your boss) and be...

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What’s the Best Studying Strategies?

A lot of people don’t want to study, but I find that once you’re engaged in it, and you’re not thinking about doing it and you’re actually doing it, it’s quite enjoyable, especially when it’s in alignment with who you are. One of the best ways to study is to have a...

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Why Choose IPS Institute?

Why you should choose IPS Institute?   What makes us stand out from any other registered training organization (RTO)? Well, I can tell you that I run this business because I really enjoy watching people have their aha moments, watching them change their career,...

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Why Consider Project Management as a Career?

One of the best ways to find your way into project management is to study either a Certificate IV in Project Management Practice or go straight to the Diploma of Project Management. Both are flexible online courses and are aimed at developing your skills in applying...

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How to Develop a Human Resources Career?

Obtaining a Diploma of Human Resources Management qualification could be your first step into the fast-paced field of HR leadership. This flexible online course aims to develop your skills in all areas of HR Management including industrial relations, talent...

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