BSB30215 Certificate III in Customer Engagement

IPS Institute BSB30215 Certificate III in Customer Engagement online course in popular with those intent on providing the best in customer service roles. It provides you with the necessary skills to mediate complex customer interactions under supervision with some authority to delegate.

Throughout the course, you will develop your skills in receiving and responding to customer requests, handling customer complaints, working in a team environment, providing support to a team and capturing key customer data.

Set yourself apart from the competition with this nationally recognised qualification and build your career in customer service based on a solid set of professional skills that are highly valued by employers.


Successful completion of this qualification will allow you to apply for positions such as:

 Customer Service Representative
 Customer Service Supervisor
 Customer Service Manager
 Tele-sales Representative

Course Structure and Units

To obtain the BSB30215 Certificate III in Business you must achieve competency in 12 units of competency which is made up of (4) core units as well as (8) elective units of which:

  • 2 units must be from Group A elective units below
  • 6 units may be from Group A or Group B elective units, or from qualifications at the same level or one higher in any endorsed Training Package or accredited course.



  • BSBCUE301Use multiple information systems
  • BSBCUE307Work effectively in customer engagement
  • BSBCUE309Develop product and service knowledge for customer engagement operation
  • BSBCUS301Deliver and monitor a service to customers

Sample Elective Units

Group A

  • BSBCUE203Conduct customer engagement
  • BSBCUE204Collect data
  • BSBCUE302Deploy customer service field staff
  • BSBCUE303Conduct a telemarketing campaign
  • BSBCUE304Provide sales solutions to customers
  • BSBCUE305Process credit applications
  • BSBCUE306Process complex accounts
  • BSBCUE308Conduct outbound customer engagement
  • BSBCUE403Schedule customer engagement activity
  • BSBCMM301Process customer complaints
  • BSBITU213Use digital technologies to communicate remotely
  • BSBITU307Develop keyboarding speed and accuracy
  • BSBLED301Undertake e-learning
  • BSBWOR203Work effectively with others
  • BSBWOR301 Organise personal work priorities and development

Group B

  • BSBMGT401Show leadership in the workplace
  • BSBMGT402Implement operational plan
  • BSBMGT405Provide personal leadership
  • BSBSLS407Identify and plan sales prospects
  • BSBSLS408Present, secure and support sales solutions
  • BSBSUS401
    Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices
  • BSBWHS201Contribute to health and safety of self and others
  • BSBWHS307Apply knowledge of WHS laws in the workplace
  • BSBWOR201Manage personal stress in the workplace
  • BSBXDB301Respond to the service needs of customers and clients with disability
  • FNSSAM301Identify opportunities for cross-selling products and services
  • ICTICT209Interact with ICT clients
  • ICTSAS204Record client support requirements
  • ICTSAS305Provide ICT advice to clients

Continued Study includes:


Our students are required to be 18 years or older at the time of registration and demonstrate the required level of competency in English language, literacy and numeracy skills, and computer skills. If English isn’t your first language, you may be required to sit an LLN test to ensure you are suitable to undertake the course. Please refer to the relevant IPS Policies and the Student Handbook for full details.

Recognition of Prior Learning

If you have extensive experience in the industry with a high level of knowledge, competency and ability you may be eligible for IPS Institute to conduct RPL.  The process may enable you to get unit credits allowing you to fast-track this qualification.  Contact us for information about your eligibility.


We offer transparent payment plans as well as discounted upfront payment options plus our administrative fees are simple. You will see your complete schedule of fees before you make any payments.

We offer you:
RPL Applications Cost = $0
6-Month Extension Cost = $0

Upon enrolment you will receive and IPS Institute Induction which includes:

• Complimentary profile test to determine your strengths so that we can tailor your elective selections to meet your specific needs
• Short course on-line explaining your profile
• Career Alignment Pathway Session (30 mins) to guide you on your path to career success
• Access to our private IPS Institute Facebook Group  where you can interact with other students and faculty
• Monthly webinars for professional and personal development with our CEO Victoria Jennings

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Our courses are completely self-paced, meaning you can study around your lifestyle. No strict deadlines, no inflexible classes to work around, no pressure to work to someone else’s schedule. Depending on the time you commit and your learning style, studying part-time you
could see you complete the course in approximately 12 months full time, part-time up to 24 months.