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There are many forms of Queensland Government Subsidies and
industry funding for individuals and companies undertaking
further education and upskilling their team.



If you are considering investing in your learning for a brighter future then talk to IPS Institute about our payment options.


Pay in Full

If you pay your course fees up-front in full, you’ll benefit and save the administration fee and you get this saving pass onto you.


Payment Plan

IPS Institute offers its own fortnightly or monthly payment plans. These plans are payable over a 12 month period and require an upfront enrolment fee. Contact us for more details.


Customised Training

At IPS Institute we know that every business has unique training requirements, and given the diversity of Queensland government subsidy schemes costs will vary on a case-by-case basis.

To find out how IPS Institute can meet your professional training requirements, contact us.


Contact us today for more details on this program.

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